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  • Product Name:Mid Grade YWDK-2255

    Model Number:YWDK-2255

    Product Specifications:

    Mid-grade 5 pcs Drum Set

    Drum Head PVC

    Drums: 22"x 14", 16"x16", 14"X5.5", 13"x11", 12"x10"

    Cymbals: 14"x2 ,16"x1

    Cover of Drum Shell: PVC

    Material of Drum Shell: Birch

    Drum Head thickness: 0.188mm

    Hardware: Snare stand, boom cymbal stand, hi-hat cymbal stand

    Drum throne included

    Packaging Information:

    CTN SIZE: 1 SET/ CTN  78X78X58CM

    G.W. 44KG   N.W. 40KG